Eli – movie review

20 Jun


It’s the year1960 and Madras is faced with a new kind of smugglers who bring in cigarettes in a city which has banned smoking. Police are baffled by the smugglers who are always a step ahead of them. To catch them the commissioner ( Adithya) approaches Elisamy aka Eli (Vadivelu), a small time crook to infiltrate the gang and help them bring to justice. How Eli catches the gang forms the rest of the story.

I was eager to see this film just to see Vadivelu as he was missing in action for a year. But I was disappointed as the film was dull and boring . Even though Vadivelu’s humour was giving sparks of laughter now and then , it wasn’t enough to keep the audience satisfied. A weak story and a even weaker screenplay to support it. The reason why the film was set in the 60’s is not clear , Vadivelu singing the Hindi duet song was awful and painful to watch. Sadha syed had very little screen time but her character was unnecessary and didn’t do much in the film. Eli ended up being a waste of time. 1/10


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