36 Vayathinile – movie review

16 May


This film is a remake of the Malayalam film ‘How old are you’ by Rosshan Andrrews , this also marks the comeback of Jyothika back to films after a 8 years gap. The story revolves around Vasanthi (Jyothika) a clerk in the revenue department , who lives with her self centred husband Tamilselvan ( Rahman) , Mithila ( Amrita) 13 year old daughter and her inlaws. When TamilSelvan gets a job opportunity in Ireland, he is ready to leave his moderate job , even his daughter is excited to study abroad. But Vasanthi gets rejected in her job interview cause she is above 35 years which will guarantee her work visa as Tamilselvan is unable to take her in a dependent visa. Meanwhile she is summoned buy the president of India , this event changes her mediocre life and brings her a new status, but this is short lived when she faints in front of the president. She is then criticised , made fun of by the same people who admired her. She is then left behind by husband and daughter who decide go to Ireland without her..that’s when she realises that after 14 years of slogging as a mom, wife and working for the family sacrificing her dreams she is left with nothing. She decides to change and make something of her remaining life and follow her dreams.
Even though film is a remake , it’s been executed with care for the Tamil audience. Jyothika certainly steals the show and carries the whole film on her back. At times her acting seems artificial but she manages to pull it off in delicate and emotional scenes.Rahman does a decent job but could have been replaced by someone a little younger. Amirtha who plays her Jyothika’s daughter is a natural performer and she does a good job. Though the second half seems to be rushed off to the end , the story is well told by the director. Dialogue plays a the key element in this emotional drama and it’s done to perfection . A simple story which is well executed by the director takes 6/10 .
P.S : the original will always look better, but remaking it with a good cast and in a different language with same energy is a challenge


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