Uttama villain – movie review

03 May


Manoranjan is a super star in the movie industry who has everything in his life.His loving wife Varalakshmi(Oorvasi), Son Manokaran who hates him, Father inlaw Poorna chandra rao (K.Vishwanath) who controls his career, his manager Chokalingam (M.S Bhaskar) and his Doctor Arpana(Andrea) who takes care of more than his health. he is troubled when he finds out that he is sick and his sins of his past come back to torment him. He decides to meet his mentor Marghadarsi (K.Balachander)and make a movie which will give him peace and use this time to make things right in his life.How he manages to do this is the rest of the story.

A huge cast who has equal screen time and importance makes this film unique.The performance by all the actors is top notch. The screenplay by Kamal Haasan weaves the cast together and the audience for the whole 172 mins of screen time.Gibran’s music is flawless and BGM carries the weight of the whole movie.Kamal haasan dominates the film throughout and gives a brilliant performance.Even though the film has couple of lags in the second half it doesn’t affect the flow.The only flaw which is debatable is the story inside the story which dominates most of the film, which raises the question whether the core of the movie was not strong enough.Unnecessary CG and VFX makes some parts look very synthetic.With great performances and dialogue which makes you laugh and cry, this commercial drama gets 7/10


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