Vai raja vai – Movie review

02 May


Karthik (gautham) is born in middle class family, has the ability of ESP. In his young age he is unable to understand it and uses it helps is friends at school . He tells is father about is power, his father worried that he might be treated as a freak and might even lose his way , asks him to make a vow not to use his ESP and suppresses his ability. As he grows up he forgets about his ability and leads a normal life.Years after he gets his intuitions back when there is a crisis in his office and solves it. Pandian(Vivek) is colleague notices his powers and manipulates him into gambling . Karthik also gambles since he is in need of money for his sisters marriage. Karthik wins big but also comes into the radar of Randhe(Daneil Balaji) who runs a gambling network. What happens to Karthik after that is the rest of the story.
With a very simple story Aishwarya Danush weaves a 2hour movie with a huge cast . Gautham does a better job than his earlier film but has to work on his facial expression .Priya anand and Tapsee share very little screen space but did a decent job.Vivek does bring little comic relief here and there but nothing new. Songs are a huge disaster only saving grace is the cinematographer’s work in it.Daniel balaji’s does a decent job but his actions are a replay. Screenplay could have been better and the interesting scenes have very less duration.The director not knowing how to finish the film finally plays the Danush card and completes the film in a lighter note. i give the film 3/10


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