Kaanchana 2 – movie review

18 Apr

Raghavendra Lawrence choreographer, actor and director comes back with the 2nd installment of his super hit Kaanchana . The story continues from the last movie as Raghava (Lawrence) still in fear of darkness, ghosts and clings on his mothers hip whenever he is scared. He is called by his superior where he works as a cameraman in a tv channel to do a show on ghosts to rise the TRP of their channel. He disagrees first but later agrees to join the crew when he comes to know Nandhitha (Taapsee) is leading the show.They choose an abandoned old house near the coast to shoot the show. While shooting on the beach they Nandhitha finds a Thaali buried in the sand, suddenly the weather changes and they are threatened by a storm and they hurry back to their guest house. A series of events happens in the guest house showing a paranormal presence by which crew is tormented. Nandhitha soon finds out that these events began soon after they come into the possession of the Thaali. And she comes to know that it belongs to a distressed soul. What happens next and how they affected buy this forms the rest of the story.

Even though the story is predictable and the cast is very similar to the last film, the entertainment level never reduces . A pure blend of horror and comedy keeps the first half fully engaged. The second half is dominated by the ladies, Taapsee, Kovai Sarala and Nithya Menon who give wonderful performance. Lawrence timing and performance in comedy and horror scenes is good and brings a wave of cheer in the theatre. Songs are a big let down and doesn’t register at all. 2nd half runs at very slow pace and the climax stunts is not well choreographed. Nevertheless the movie is a complete entertainer for all ages and leaves everyone satisfied as they leave the theatre. I give it 5/10

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