Komban – movie review

04 Apr



“Kutty pulli” fame Director Muthiah comes back with yet another violent village drama with Komban with Karthi as the lead character. The story centres on the rivalry among three villages, Vellanadu, Arasanadu and Semmanadu. Each wants to have its own man as the headman from their own community. Komban (Karthi) who hails from Arasanadu is a short tempered young man with a Nobel heart who will do anything for his village. To control his temper and make him into a responsible adult his mother (Kovan Sarala) and his cousin marry him to Pazhani (Lakshmi Menon)the daughter of righteous Muthaiah (Rajkiran). Though Muthaiah initially not to keen of this proposal because of Komban’s temper, he agrees after seeing Komban’s kind heart. Whether Komban becomes a changed man after marriage forms the rest of the story.
The only difference between Kutty pulli and Komban is this one shows a relationship which is seldom ventured, a close bond between son in law and the father in law. For Raj Kiran his character is a piece of cake , he does his part with ease and dominates and takes centre stage whenever he appears on screen. Lakshmi Menon gives a good performance as usual . The most commendable performance comes from Kovai Sarala who plays Komban’s mother , she was a good choice for the character. Super Subbarayan who plays the main villain also does a decent job. Karthi does his character well but nothing different to impress the audience. Repetitive violent sequences and predictable plots make this a dull movie. And the movie ends abruptly without a proper ending. With 80% violence and 20% sentiment this movie gets 4/10.


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