Katham Katham – Movie review

17 Mar


Katham Katham is a tale of two cops who survive in a world of corruption, the Inspector Pandian (Nataraj) is insensitive and a corrupt cop who control the town under the local MP, Periannan . Nanda (Nandha) an Young cop with a lot of aspirations, gets transferred one more time to the same town, for being painfully honest to his uniform. Both try to prove themselves that they are right and try to change one another. But circumstances help the corrupt cop and leaves honest one in dire straits. Deciding to bring Pandian down ,Nandha makes his own moves not realizing his own transformation.what happen next makes the rest of the story.
i didn’t have any expectation when going to this movie and the movie too didn’t have anything give too. A very predictable story , lousy acting by the whole cast . Natraj who was apt in his role in his previous movie, was overacting and very irritating to the most part of the film. Nanda was just like tree stump with no emotions and day dreaming all the time. the female actors didn’t have much to do either. An uninspiring screenplay, dull music and songs, a poor execution by the director throughout the film makes it a  total waste of time and money. i give it 1/10


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