Enakkul Oruvan – movie review

09 Mar


Enakkul Oruvan starts off with the life of theatre usher Vikki (siddarth), he leads a simple life with no ambitions or passions. His only worry is he suffers from insomnia. On one such sleepless night he meets a drug peddler, not only offers sleep but makes his dreams lively as if he is living it through a pill called “lucia”. In his dreams he is a movie star “Vignesh “who has Fame, ladies, cars, money, but he isn’t happy in his life and misses something very deeply. Through roller coaster ride between the usher and the movie star life we introduced to various characters, the actor in love with Divya (Deepa Sannidhi), a wannabe actress; usher is in love with pizza shop waitress played by the same. The characters in both the segments are more or less the same. A dream within a dream, at a certain point you end up deciphering it yourself.

Although I didn’t see the original version (Lucia in Kannada) , the story line was not confusing but the BW and color difference was a bit of a cliché . Siddarth has done a good job far better than his last 3 films, which was overacted. Deepa Sannidhi also managed to pull it off and shown good effort for this movie. The supporting cast was also blended well. The only issue was the duration and repetitive scenes which made the audience bored and wait for the obvious climax. Music in songs was a ok, but the BGM was weak. Cinematography was nicely done, But the BW portions I think was shot in color since on screen as it lacked punch. With a decent duration and few sharp cuts in the editing would have made this film much interesting. I give it 4/10


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