Anegan – Movie review

17 Feb

Anegan poster B

Love across numerous lifetimes but each one ending in separation; how they will end up in this lifetime make the story of Anegan. Madhu(Amyra Dastur) is a game designer working in a huge gaming company owned my Ravikiran(Karthik) . Madhu and her colleagues who are under constant pressure on their jobs visit a psychologist recommended by their company. In her sessions she narrates her past lives involving her lover and how it ends tragically every time. She is stunned when she recognizes Ashwin(Dhanush) who joins their company as her lover from the past lives, Ashwin on the other hand, doesn’t recollect anything and dismisses Madhu’s stories. But they eventually fall in love, but that’s when history repeats itself and the lovers are tested again.

Dhanush seems to be the hero who cannot do anything wrong these days, He adorns four different looks in this film and performs wonderfully in each one of them. Especially His act as Kalli brings the whole theatre down and it’s a party when ‘Danga Maari’ comes in. Amyra does a decent job but she looks a little lost as she is always smiling and open mouthed. Veteran actor Karthik was a good choice in the film; this might mark his comeback into the movies. Cinematography was decent but graphic elements in the Song “Roja Kadale” makes the song look bad. Anegan has its twists and turns, but director has managed to make it simple to the audience. The best part is the film does not look longer for its 159 minutes of screen time which is huge plus. I give it 6/10


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