Yennai Arindhaal – movie review

08 Feb


The story revolves around Satyadev an honest cop , senseless death of his father provokes him to become a cop and brings people on the other side to justice. To expose a ruthless gang he befriends Victor ( Arun Vijay) but this friendship ends bad and Victor is arrested and sentenced to jail, but he vows revenge. During one of his investigations he meets Hemanika ( Trisha ) and dancer and a young mother , he falls in love with her and a romantic episode leads them marriage . Unfortunately Hemanika gets murdered and Satyadev is left with young daughter. He retires himself from his duties and becomes a full time father. What brings Satyadev back to his job and how he fights it the rest of the story.

Its all Ajit in Yennai Arindhaal, he steals the show right from the beginning . His style and looks mesmerises audience of all ages.he brings in the right emotions for his character throughout different stages of the film . Trisha plays a important role in the film and brings calmness in this violent film. Anushka in the very less screen time she has does what she has been told. Arun vijay has done a great job, you can see his dedication the way he portrays his character and delivers big time. Even though the story has flashbacks and years fly in minutes , the storytelling never confuses you thanks to Antony for his smooth editing. Dan Macarthur’s camerawork is amazing, his compositions had real essence whether it’s violence or romance. That said the whole film tends to remind of Kakka kakka and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu in most parts of the film.the only difference is they had very definitive story and this one just revolves around the base character and his life.The first half engages you but the second half is slow and dragging. Very lengthy dialogues interrupt the flow of actions sequences mainly in the second half.even though the BGM stands out in some areas the rest of the music and the songs doesn’t impress you. I give it 5/10

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