Isai – Movie review

02 Feb


The long awaited film of S J Surya ‘Isai’ finally hits theatres, He also has written, directed and has also composed the music for this movie. Vetriselvan (Sathyaraj) is a well-known conventional music composer, who has been ruling the musical industry for the past 20 years. Siva (SJ surya) Assits him in his orchestra. Even though Vetri selvan is termed as the best, his arrogant and egoistical nature doesn’t appeal to his coworkers. This makes way to Siva and he gets a chance to compose independently. His innovative music brings him lots success and soon dethrones Vetriselvan of his no: 1 spot. Not able to accept this change Vetriselvan devices a plan to bring him down. How Siva overcomes this is the rest of the story.

Even after his long absence SJ Surya still proves that he can deliver a decent film. His performance along with the Satyaraj keeps the audience engaged throughout the film. Satyaraj actually has more screen time than SJ Surya who captivates audience thru his versatile acting and dialogue delivery. New face Savitri who plays the love interest of SJ Surya has also done a decent job. Cinematography by Soundar was ornamental throughout the film .Even though the whole movie is about music, except for a couple of songs the music is a disaster. The BGM is unbalanced throughout the movie. The duration 3hrs and 10 min is also a major drawback for the film. Repetitive and lengthy scenes spoil the pace of the movie. 2nd half proves to be a better half of the film but leaves the audience in agony at the end of the film. I give the film 3/10


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