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17 Jan

Shankar's I Movie Posters (1)

‘I’ the much awaited movie of the year was released this festival season, which took nearly two years to finish. Lingesan(Vikram) is an aggressive body builder who’s only goal is to become participate in Mr.India competition. He is also obsessed with a model Diya(Amy Jackson), so obsessed that he even buy women products which she represents and does ad films for. When Diya Approaches him to act with her in an ad film, he even gives up the opportunity to compete in the Mr.India competition and agrees to act with. While shooting they fall in love and become the most beautiful couple pair in the AD industry. A chain of events creates a number of enemies to Lingesan and they plan to eliminate him and inject a deadly virus into him which makes him into a hideous hunchback. How he takes revenge on them is the rest of the story.

Vikram’s commitment stands out throughout the film, generally when Shankar directs a film he takes credit, but this film belongs to Vikram. Amy Jackson has also done a good job, minus her lip sync. Cinematography stands out in the first half where it features the scenic Chinese background. . Music is amazing with complimenting cinematography .Art department and the costume department has done an extraordinary job. . Weta’s magic in makeup is amazing and VFX in major sequences looks seamless The simple story has lot of unnecessary scenes, first half editing is very messy and the length of the film is a major drawback. A lot of AD campaign scenes could have been reduced. The bicycle fighting sequence too ends up boring. Shankar’s weak story telling has been compensated with an amazing performance and a great technical team. I give the film 6/10 .


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