Kayal – Movie review

30 Dec

kayal 2


Kayal is the fourth film with the combination of Prabhu Solomon and Imman. This story starts with the introduction of two friends Aaorn (Chandran) and Socrates (Vincent) who live a carefree life, working hard for six months and travelling the rest in the year. Their motto is live life for the present and create memories for the future which lasts longer than what money can buy. Their travel takes them to kanyakumari where circumstances make them as culprits and they are locked up in the local zamindar’s house. There Aaron meets Kayal (Aanandhi), also a orphan who works in the zamindar’s house. its love at first sight and Aaron even expresses his love in front of everyone to Kayal . Found not guilty, they are set free. Meanwhile, Kayal starts developing feelings for Aaron and leaves for Kanyakumari in search of him. Will the lovers meet again is the rest of the Story.

Natural and spontaneous acting by the two newcomers Chandran and Aanandhi are biggest plus in the film. Rest of the cast has also done a decent job. Socrates played by Vincent who provides us with some lighter moments in the film is also a good find. Prabhu Solomon has brought us yet another beautiful love story with great visual and some performances. And the one of best VFX sequence for the climax, thank god they spent money for the VFX. Perhaps the only flaw is the duration of the film, and maybe the director’s idea of making this more of a musical. The music of Imman is not as memorable has his other films. And less romantic scenes between the two lead characters does not justify their immense love towards each other. I give the film 6/10







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