Meagamann – Movie Review

26 Dec


Meagamann ‘s story unfolds in the backdrop of Goa, following a drug cartel run by Jothi Bhai (Ashutosh Rana) and his gang. Siva (Arya) a cop is working in the gang as an undercover agent to expose the gang. Jothi bhai maintains a low profile only a few close associates know him by face and his location. When Siva devises a plan to flush out Jothi Bhai in the open, the gang is warned about a traitor in the group. How Siva uses his wits to outsmart the gang and brings them to justice is the rest of the story.

Even though Meagamann has a list of interesting scenes, it still lacks a crisp screenplay to hold the audience in place. Arya is well suited for the character and does a decent job. The huge cast is also well chosen for the subject, but there are too many characters in play that suddenly disappear towards the end. Hansika has very limited screen time, her character could have easily avoided in the film. Editing could have been much better .Action sequences and Background score add shine to the boring and a lengthy movie. I give it 4/10


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