Pisasu – Movie review

22 Dec


“Pisasu” is a horror-thriller produced thru Bstudios by filmmaker Bala and directed by Mysskin. This combination has made people curious and has created some expectation for its release. Pisasu starts with an opening shot of Bhavani ‘s (Prayaga martin) face that portrays joy and then pulls back showing her lying in a pool of blood . She gets hit by a car and passersby and Siddarth (Naga) take her to the hospital only to be announced dead. Just before she dies she holds siddarth’s hand and tries to say something. Witnessing someone die on his hands causes a deep trauma and he is able to concentrate on his job and life .The real problem begins for Siddarth when he realizes that she has turned a ghost and lives at his home. How he deals with this situation is the rest of the story.

Pisasu is a horror and a thriller with an unique touch from Mysskin . All Credits to Mysskin who has molded everything single actor and technician to bring us a decent film. Ravee roy’s cinematography has matched the director’s vision and best of all, the Sound by Arrol Corelli and its Design by Tapas was too good. Nice cameo role by the veteran actor Radha Ravi. Editing could have better and crisp which could help the film’s pace. There where places which would make you laugh, test our patience and some very predictable scenes. Over all Pisasu was a good narrative by Mysskin. I give it 5/10

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