Lingaa – Movie review

13 Dec


The much awaited “Lingaa” released on Dec 12th which also is the 64th birthday of the super star Rajinikanth. The story has the superstar playing in dual roles and Sonakshi Sinha making her debut in Tamil movies.

The story starts in the present era  in the village Solaiyur, where Dam is being surveyed headed by the local MP played by Jagapathy babu.The same night the chief engineer is killed, but before his last breath tells the village headman to open the Shiva temple in order to save the dam and the village nearby. The village headman revels that the temple should be opened only by the heir of the Raja Lingeswaran who built the dam in the first place years ago. Lingaa (Rajinikanth) the heir Raja Lingeswaran is a petty thief with sidekicks Santhanam and karunakaran is brought to the village. Initially Lingaa’s motive is to steal the lingam from the temple which is made of a unique gemstone, but when he learns about his grandfather and his sacrifices toward the wellness of the village and the decides otherwise. How lingaa saves the dam and the village people forms the rest of the story.

There is no doubt that Superstar Rajinikanth steals the show and wins the hearts of his fans. Sonakshi is the best of the actresses her beauty and grace steals lot of hearts in the crowd. She could have also played a dual role and replace Anushka as well. Rathinavelu’s camerawork should be applauded , his picturization in the songs and the action sequences was a treat to watch. But on the weaker side the sound and music was very average by A.R.Rahman . The screen play is weak and the second half was very dragging.Editing could have been more crispier. And the over hyped climax sequence could have been avoided. I give it 5/10

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  1. anandkumarrs

    December 18, 2014 at 8:30 am

    While on this, pls read my post after watching Lingaa. “Can Rajini???” –
    Feedback most welcome.


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