Kaththi – Movie review

23 Oct


Kathiresan (Vijay) a petty thief escapes from Kolkata prison comes to Chennai to seek help from his friend and to escape out of the country. At the airport he meets Ankitha (Samantha) and its love at first sight, he drops the plan to escape and tries to find her. At that moment he witnesses a shootout and his stunned to find his look alike as the victim. He manages to take him to the hospital in time when he finds out that the Kolkata police as also arrived in search of him. He decides to impersonate the injured man and implicates him as the escaped convict. As the story progresses, Kathiresan comes to know that his look alike is Jeevananthan who is fighting for the helpless farmers against Chirag (Neil Nitin Mukesh), the owner of an MNC cola company who wants to take over the lands in Thannoothu, village, which has an untapped water source. Kathiresan decides to pass off as Jeevananthan initially and make away with a lump sum amount but once he realizes what Jeevananthan is really fighting for he decides fight for the farmers.

AR Murugadoss has once again has given us a movie with social relevance with an over load commercial elements. He has taken a very critical issue of the farmer’s plight against the urban globalization and given a neat film. Vijay’s screen presence is faultless and his punch dialogues make the audience lively. Samantha as all the Murugadoss’s heroines is just an eye candy in the film. It’s a decent debut by Neil Nitin Mukesh but he doesn’t look villainous enough. The cinematographer George C Williams has done a good job. Even though the song placement vague in the film, as single numbers they still sound nice and are catchy among the Vijat fans. The first half is a bit slow and wanders without direction; it catches up just before the intermission and entertains you till the end. I give it 6/10



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