‘Yaan or Yaawn ‘ – Yaan Movie review

02 Oct


The movie starts with a Mumbai police planning to catch a terrorist, the plan ends up into a shootout between the terrorists and the police and finally the terrorist is killed. In between the shootout is where Chandru (Jeeva) and Srila (Thulasi Nair) meet for the first time. Caught in between the shootout Chandru saves Srila and its love at first sight for him. Though Srila avoids him in the beginning, she eventually falls for him. When their love is not accepted by Srila’s Father as Chandru is jobless. This causes a breakup between the lovers and circumstances makes Chandru take up a job in a faraway country. But he gets caught for drug trafficking and is sentenced to death. How he proves his innocence and comes back home is the rest of the story.

From the beginning of the film you can sense there is zero mind put to the screenplay for the film, random scenes and misdirection glooms over the film throughout. Senseless editing and dragging scenes makes it uncomfortable to the audience. The first half runs without a motive and second half moves without a direction. Jeeva even though he has acted to the character, it’s his worst choice acting in the film. Thulasi Nair looks painted with over makeup and her choice of wardrobe needs to be corrected. Songs too are unbearable to watch even with some stunning backdrops .And we all thought Anjaan was the worst film of the year. I give it 1/10.

P.S. : when the movie got over there was a crowd shouting ‘Linguswamy Vaazhga’


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