Salim – Movie review

01 Sep


Salim Movie review

Salim (Vijay Antony) is a model doctor and person who follow ethics in life. He is always taken advantage and even mocked by his fellow doctors. He becomes engaged to Nisha (Aksha Pardasany) who accepts him for who he is in the begging but gets frustrated of his service-mindedness and calm behavior. This leads to the breakup of their marriage. And on the same day he is also dismissed from his job for not co-operating with the hospital management. This takes a toll on his emotions and he decides to go against his nature. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

The story salim was well crafted for Vijay Antony, he has done well to portray both natures. His spontaneous reactions in certain scenes worked well to the story. Even though the first half spends time to build the lead actor, the screen play fails to carry the story in the second half. It becomes too predictable and boring towards the end. Vijay antony needs to works on his face reactions and acting skills if he has to plays different roles in his career, or just play the same kind of roles again and again. Other than the two lead actors rest of the cast look like a bunch amateurs on screen. Background music helps a bit but the songs doesn’t sync with the movie. I give the movie 3/10


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