Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah – Movie review

28 Jul


Vijayaraghava Chaari (Jai) who wants his marriage and his life partner to be adventurous has him meets Vishnu Priya (Nazriya ) on the train to Coimbatore. Both are travelling in false names as Abu bakker and Aaiysha under different circumstances. They fall in love and continue to use their false identities for the sake of love. They even try to understand their new culture and religion even though both are from orthodox Brahmin families. What happens when they realize that they were in love with the dream-like character and their true identities are revealed forms the rest of the story.

Even though the base story line was good, the lack of a good screenplay makes the movie dull and boring. While jai can’t act, Nazriya is charming and has performed even under lack of direction in the film. The casting of the rest was the worst, everyone were amateurs. The execution of the film fails and takes us to a predictable ending. Music is enjoyable to the only 2songs which stands out , rest is avoidable. I give it 3/10


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