Sathuranga Vettai – Movie review

26 Jul


Sathuranga Vettai a story about a remorseless con man Gandhi Babu (Natraj), to him money is the ultimate thing in the whole world. He develops meticulous long scams and executes them perfectly. From double headed snakes to multi-level marketing he manipulates greedy people and runs them dry. When he is caught during one of his scams, he buys his way out. But when is partners in crime dupe him, he faces reality and becomes a changed man. When his past sins comes back to haunt him he pulled again into the world of crime. Will he survive his last con makes the rest of the film.

Finally a well thought and well written black comedy-heist film, the debutant director H.Vinoth has presented this Heist movie with a nice screenplay and well written dialogues. Natraj was well suited for the main role; he plays the character with ease and dominates the whole film. Ishara Nair who plays the lead actress was better towards the end of the film, but still doesn’t suit the village girl character. The rest of cast was well chosen and have performed well. Even though the story keeps us alive throughout the film, the second half drags but speeds up towards the end. Applauses for the whole team who delivered a good indianized con movie. I give it 6/10


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