Arima Nambi – Movie review

05 Jul


Arima Nambi

Pitched as an Action thriller “Arima nambi” stars Vikram Prabhu and Priya Anand and Directed by Anand Shankar, a former assistant to A.R.Murugadoss . The film starts with the introduction of both the lead stars in a pub, where Arjun Krishna (Vikram Prabhu) impresses Anamika Raghunath (Priya Anand) singing a song for her. Its love at first sight for Arjun and with his friend’s coxing asks her for dinner the very next day, for which Anamika too agrees. At dinner they both get drunk and when it gets late Anamika invites Arjun to her apartment. In the apartment they get even closer when Arjun suddenly realizes it’s going really fast and excuses himself to the restroom. When suddenly two men come in and kidnap Anamika, Arjun manages to escape and goes to the nearby police station and reports the incident. Since he is drunk the police initially refuse to listen but send an inspector with him to the Apartment to verify. There everything is normal and there is no trace of the Kidnapping and everyone including her father who lives in the outskirts of the city assures the police that she is out of town for the last 4 days. Police thinks that he is drunk and has made up the story. Baffled and confused Arjun requests the police to drop him at his house. How Arjun solves Anamika’s kidnapping and who is behind this forms the rest of the story.

Team Arima nambi has given us fast paced thriller and they should be applauded for this. Both Lead actors have performed to the task given. Cinematography by R D Rajasekar was well conceived, but too much of camera movement in the stunt sequences gives you the headache. Vikram Prabhu is better from his last film, but fails to absorb the screen when needed. Background score by Sivamani was great but fails in the song sequences. Priya anand looks good and has given a decent performance in the given screen time. The first half was fast paced and keeps you at the edge of the seat, but the second half is filled logical lapses and moves very slowly. Trimming the second half and removing two songs would help the film. I give the film 5/10

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