Vadacurry – Movie review

23 Jun


Satish ( jai) who comes from a lower middle class family, has just landed up in a job as a medical rep. He is brought up by his brother an auto driver who he treats as a godly figure. Satish who wants to lead a simple life is constantly teased by his friends and colleagues that he has a very cheap mobile, he is  told that to lead a life of dignity and to get a decent girlfriend he has to change his mobile at what ever the cost maybe. When he comes across a unattended IPhone in a tea shop , he pockets it ,little knowing that it belongs to drug related gang leader. How his life changes after this forms the rest of the story.
The title Vadacurry  represents nothing but just that this film has all types of emotions mix together. The first half just takes you into the life of Jai and it just roams vaguely without a story. The casting is fine but I don’t know why it’s always crowded in all scenes. RJ Balaji who acts as Jai’s friend in the movie is a constant irritation in the film, he even delivers half of Jai’s dialogue in the film. Swathi who comes has the love interest of Jai in the film doesn’t have any scope in the film, but has done her part. Jai has not improved from any of his previous films, he just doesn’t deliver any kind of emotions on screen . Music is a good attempt by the debut music directors but they still have long way to go. This vadacurry is a bland one. I give it 3/10


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