Mundasupatti – movie review

15 Jun


Another short film transforms into a film.The year is 1987 in a village called Mundasupatti a village drowned in superstitious and mis belief by circumstances and forces of nature. They photograph only the dead and pray a piece of meteor stone as god. Our hero Gopi ( Vishnu ) who owns a photo studio in the name of Hollywood studio. He along with his assistant Azhagumani (KaaliVenkat) are summoned to the village to photograph the village head man who is on his deathbed.There Gopi falls in love with the granddaughter of the village headman Kalaivaani (Nandita), but dreams are shattered when he comes to know that she is also engaged and soon to be married to her relative.He plans to see her again when delivering the photo and express his love, when the photo turns unexposed he is devastated. How he manipulates the villagers and also marries the girl is the rest of the story.
A clean and well executed film by the whole team. The cast is well chosen and everyone delivers their given task equally.the team has spent time and energy to took us back to the late eighties and narrated a good comedy drama for the whole family. Vishnu and Kalli Venkat duo was flawless both their performances are good . Special applause to Ramadoss who plays as Muniskanth , who’s antics was exaggerating but provided good laughs throughout. Even though the movie was predictable it was well executed.The only flaws were the duration of the first half and lack of interest shown in the romance scenes. I give it 6/10


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