Manjapai – Movie review

08 Jun


The movie starts in a village showing a close relationship between a grandfather and his grandchild who has lost his parents in a accident. 25 years later the boy Tamizh (Vemal) is a successful IT professional , whose only ambition is to work in the US . He manages to convince his superiors that he is worth it and gets his dream ticket. Having just three months to leave to the States, he invites his grandfather (Rajkiran) to the city to spend the rest of the days with him. The grandfather being a rustic villager, with his straight forward talking and rural practices initially turns Tamizh’s and his neighbors normal life upside down. But slowly he wins all their hearts and teaches them that people and their sentiments are of value than money itself, when tragedy strikes.
Director Raghavan has given a simple but a story with strong sentiments. Rajkiran portrays a very strong character and take charge in the film from the frame he appears. But that’s just it in the whole film in the positive side. On the negative side the film’s first half is very slow and vague. Vemal’s dosen’t match is IT professional character and his performance level is low compared to everyone in the film.Lakshmi menon who plays the love interest of Vemal has a weak role and is not given scope for acting in the film. Most of the scenes in the film are long and predictable. Lack of a clever screenplay makes the audience sleepy .With less commercial mixture and more of advice to the urban community this film might not score well in the theatres. I give it 3/10


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