Poovarasam peepee – Movie review

02 Jun

The film revolves around three kids Harish (PraveenKishore), Venu Kanna (Guarav Kaalai) and Kapil Dev (Vasanth) who are classmates and close friends .the film starts on last day of school, where we see the kids are cheerful looking forward to their summer holidays . Riding bicycles , catching beetles and swimming in the lake all day becomes a daily routine as the three kids enjoy their holidays. Their vacation takes a wild turn as they witness a gruesome incident of a women being raped by four men. Their innocence lost by this incident and not knowing how to explain it they are struck by shock.The women’s body is washed ashore the next day and the police close the case as an accident. Since they couldn’t take action initially or help , they decide to catch the culprits themselves and start investigating. How they do it forms the rest of the story.
Halitha Shameem who has debuted has the director through this film has given a decent film, directing children is not an easy task and with 90% of the cast being newcomers she has done good job. Saying that the main content needed just 90mins and stretching it to a 150 min makes the audience lose interest halfway through the film.The story moves lazily to the second half Where The main story is broken into pieces and mixed vaguely with other scenes . The story catches up only in the last half hour and ends simple. Songs doesn’t make an impact and background score moves unnoticed . The child actors are casted well hope to see them back on screen . I give the film 3/10


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