Kochadaiyaan – Movie review

30 May

20140530-085026.jpg The film starts off with the story of rivalry between two neighboring kingdoms led by Rishikodagan of Kottaipatinam and Mahendra Rajan of Kalingpuri. We see little Rana, leaving Kottaipatinam by a small boat ,and reaching Kalingpuri , there he gets trained and grows up to become a fearless warrior Rana(Rajinikanth). Leading the Kalingapuri army as the army chief he invades most of the neighbouring kingdoms and extends the Kalingapuri’s border . He wins the confiedence of the king and the prince and take the army men of Kottaipatinam, who were being treated as slaves by Mahendra Rajan, to fight for the Kalingapuri ‘s army against Kottaipatinam. On the battlefield he asks the enslaved army men, originally belonging to Kottaipatinam, to cross over to Kottaipatinam and he revels himself as Kochadaiyaan’s younger son who has vowed as a child to bring back the enslaved army men back to their own land. Even though Rishikodagan happy that they had won a war without spilling a drop of blood he is alarmed at seeing Kochadaiyaan’s son return .What’s the story of Kochadaiiyan and what’s the reason behind Rishikodagan’s worry forms the rest of the story.
Soundaraya Rajinikanth narrates a childish story filled with potholes and unwanted songs and ends the film abruptly .Considering there is a lot of exposure in animated films for the audience , this film ends up as an amateurish effort. All the female actors look ugly and unexpressive. Rajinikanth face and actions are the only one which stands out and relates to him. All the set designs looks out of scale and proportion , and the camera work his unbalanced throughout the film. Bringing Nagesh Sir back to screen was the worst decision in the film , his actions and dialogue doesn’t sync and leaves the audience embarrassing. Other actors as 3d models are not worth commenting at all .It just shows the incompetence of the whole production team to give a needless output in theatres. I give it 1/10


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