Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham – Movie review

19 May

VPA (3)

Santhanam makes his debut as a hero in this remake of the Telugu blockbuster “Maryada Ramanna “. The film starts with a family feud which ends in the death of his Shakti’s (Santhanam) father and the brother of Singraayar his Uncle. Fearing for her son’s life, Shakti’s mother flees the village.  However, Singarayar and his two sons, pledge to take revenge. After 27 years we see Shakti as a hardworking but unlucky lad who has fallen on bad times and is in need of money. He is surprised to know that his parents have some land back in his village which he good sell. But he is warned by his family friend not to go as the old family grudge may lead to his death. But Shakti neglects the warning and leaves to his village. He also meets Vaanathi (Ashna Zaveri) a graduate returning home in the train and they becomes friends not knowing that Vaanthi is Singaraayar’s daughter .When reaching his village he is directed to Singaraayar himself to sell his land, not knowing who Shakti is, Singaraayar invites him for lunch to his house. Very soon they come to know who Shakti really is plan to kill him once he steps outside the house,as they have policy of not even a drop of blood shall be shed inside the house .Shakti too comes to know of this, using his wits he takes advantage of a tradition of their house and plays a cat-and-mouse game . How he manages to escape forms the rest of the story.

Without seeing “Maryada Ramanna “this film ends up being a decent film and decent performance from Santhanam and Company. Santhanam only known for his one liners and humour sense as put a lot of effort in emotional scenes and improved his dancing skills. Ashna Zaveri as Vaanathi gives a very average performance and fails to glow in the opportunity given. The movie doesn’t stand out since the story is so outdated and ends up dragging for a known ending. Songs fails to standout and doesn’t stick to the film. No choice given to editor as they planned to make no changes from the parent version. I give it 3/10


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