Godzilla (2014) – Movie review

17 May


The film Begins in 1999, as two scientists are taken to examine a large sunken hole in the ground in one of the mines. They find a huge skeletal remains and a cocoon. At the same time in Tokyo a big power plant is receiving a seismic tremor which ends in huge explosion and deaths of many. Plant supervisor Joe brody (Bryan Cranston) loses his wife death in the accident. And their young son witnesses this explosion from his school. Fifteen years later, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is an explosives expert is returning from duty to San Francisco to meet his wife, Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and Son Sam (Carson Bolde).He receives message from Tokyo that his father is arrested for trespassing the quarantined area, apparently he is convinced that something nefarious is afoot, and that the government is participating in a huge cover-up conducting tests in that area. What is the huge cover-up? Is Joe brody right? Forms the rest of the story.

A weak and slow script makes this movie boring and sleepy. As usual they do not show the monster full screen in the beginning only parts of it. They find an equal monster not one but two to fight with Godzilla. But all the monsters look very bad (anatomically and texture wise ) Godzilla will look like the Japanese version (man in suit ). The others are like big cockroaches with blunt legs. 3D was fine in some scenes but doesn’t justify the extra money for that .The story and the talky portion makes the movie very slow for a very predictable ending. VFX wise the film was fine and the last fight sequence between the monsters was enjoyable. Other than that it’s a very weak Godzilla movie. I give it 3/10


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