Amazing Spiderman – 2 movie review

01 May

Spider-Man’s struggle has always been within himself , dodging between his life as Peter Parker and as the vigilante Spider-Man.This time he faces more than one villain ,an ordinary electric engineer who turns into Electro ( Jammie fox) in a freak accident and his childhood friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) who determined to have Spider-Man’s blood to cure himself of his hereditary disease. This movie also reveals how his parents die and the secret behind his father’s identity.

This second installment of the amazing Spider-Man is far better than the first one. It has good sense of hum our all around. Great action sequences and better vfx so far this year in the movies. Saw this in 3D and it had quiet some sequences planned for that.Andrew Garfield has done a better job than the first movie, and has matured as a actor as well. Great entertainment throughout , few lags here and there for the story to build but nothing boring. the only draw back was that the action sequences were so fast that they fail to register.  I give it 6/10


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