Thenaliraman – Movie review

19 Apr

VaigaiPuyal Vadivelu returns to Silver Screen with this periodic film. The film’s story starts with Kingdom of Vigada nadu’s future is in danger as its council of eight ministers are conspiring against the king and its people with the help of the neighboring Chinese traders.When a honest minister is killed a opprutunity rises for a replacement , Thenaliraman a common man with his brilliance and wits takes the job.We soon find out that he is from a radical group which wants to dethrone the king and his mission is to kill him.But Thenaliraman slowing comes to know that the king is not be blamed but the his ministers are the ones who are swindling the money and depriving the people of their benefits.Unforyunately the king finds out that he has come to kill him and banishes him. How Thenaliraman save the king and the kingdom forms the rest of the story.
Right from the word go Vadivelu takes charge of the film and carries it on the shoulders till the end.He performs well as Thenaliraman and as the king with ease and his brilliant body language .Even though everyone as read the story of wits of Thenaliraman , the director and the actor have brought it and made it special onscreen.The rest of the cast have supported Vadivelu well but is completely overshadowed by his on-screen brilliance.The only actor who doesn’t gel is Meenakshi dixit as the princess , maybe a pure tamil speaking actress would have made a difference.Imman music matches well but lacks strength, Prabhakaran’s effort as the art director should be applauded , he has really taken us back to the period with his amazing production design . A complete family entertainment and kids will love it .An entertaining first half and a slow second half with a sudden end. I give it 5/10

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