Naan Sigappu Manithan – Movie review

12 Apr

naan sigappu manithan_002
The movie’s story revolves around Indhiran (Vishal) who has a incurable disorder called Narcolepsy (neurological sleep disorder). Despite of his disorder Indhiran tries to carry on a peaceful life but he is letdown by the society . He even provides himself to medical study to earn money and give his earning mother (Saranya )a rest . He finally starts to do jobs online which doesn’t bother his disorder . He meets Meera(Laskhmi Menon) who sees him beyond his disorder and falls in love with him. But a huge tragedy strikes them and leaves them distraught .How Indhiran takes revenge on the people who caused this tragedy past his disorder makes the rest of the story.
Vishal comes back with a similar role he played in Pandiyanadu , the fact that logic is not blown out to overcome disorder while playing this character makes the film strong. Director Thiru makes a simple story strong by creating good characters around it and doesn’t bore the audience. Lakshmi Memon proves that she is a good in each and every film and gives a fabulous performance . Jagan and Sundar ramu play well behind Vishal and provide him good backup. But while concentrating on story and characters the team provides very less entertainment to the audience. Jagan strikes a few comic notes here and there but is easily forgotten . The mass effect was missing in the whole film even though Vishal’s performance was good .Songs happen to disturb the flow in the film and provide audience with the same disorder in which the film is based on and the background score reminds the audience of Chirstopher Nolan’s Trilogy .The huge twist in the film in the second half doesn’t help the film but just increases the number of actors in the film. The simple first half was better than the overcooked second half. I give the film 4/10 .


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