Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavanigalum – Movie Review

05 Apr


Chimbudevan ‘s love of portraying god and goddess in his movie continues has he starts the film by a mere question of how every minute can alter one’s fate asked by the sage Naradha towards the Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma . the Lords select Tamizh (Arulnidhi) life to prove their point. Tamizh’s beloved girlfriend Isabella (Ashrita) is forced into marriage with someone else by her father, and he is also in need of money for his mother’s operation. That’s when he is approached by Hippy Lahari (Nasser) who is Isabella father’s business rival to kidnap Isabella and teach her father a lesson. He calls two of his friends Malar (Bindu Madhavi) and Isaki (Bhagavathi Perumal) and formulates a plan. The story is told to us thrice with alternate endings, with each of it starting with a minute’s difference. How does the three endings unfold is the rest of the film.

Even though we have seen narratives with alternate endings, Chimbudevan has done a good job by giving details to every character, scene and takes the audience for a joyride. He hasn’t confused with complicated scenes but makes it simple and easy. Kathir’s cinematography brings everything together to screen and stamps his mark yet again. VFX by the WE VFX team is good and they have to be appreciated. The only problem is that each scene is stretched beyond its duration which makes it dull at the end of it. Arulnithi’s performance is fine but is timing in comedy needs to straightened, Bhagavathi Perumal with his casual one liners stands tall in the group. Bindu Madhavi‘s lip sync is huge problem but manages to gel with the ensemble. Repetitive narration is a complex idea ,but the team has done a decent job . I give the film 4/10


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