Vallinam – Movie review

01 Mar


Vallinam story starts with Krishna (Nakul) a good basketball player moving to Chennai to Trichi after losing his friend in freak accident while playing a final game in a tournament. Krishna blaming himself for his friend’s death stays away from playing the game too. But fate brings him back to game when the pride of the game and his college team is challenged. How he overcomes these challenges and triumphs makes the rest of the story.

Vallinam has all the ingredients of a complete sports movie, an underdog team, a hero who overcomes his differences on and off the court and mainly friendship. Its shows how other sports in our country lacks support thru media and finance and even without state level recognition, which forms the main theme of the movie. Nakul comes back with a good performance in this film after two long years. Even the casting of his friends is perfectly chosen and they perform well. Jagan for a change does well in the comedy track . But the script lacks a strong screenplay and gets lost in between. The songs  not appealing to the targeted audience and are randomly placed and creates lag in the movie’s duration.  It’s a good effort from the whole team but fails to give a punch in their message. I give it 5/10

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