Thegidi – movie review

01 Mar


Thegidi follows the central character Vetri (Ashok Selvan) a graduate in criminology getting a job placement in a detective agency. His duty is to shadow people and collect information on them. He does his job with passion and completes every one of them successfully.  When he comes across his new subject Madhusri (Jannani iyer) , he becomes close to her and eventually falls in love with her. One day when he finds out that two of his former subjects are found dead, he begins to check on others. When he tries to contact them he ends up seeing them get murdered, and Ashok realizes that the next target is Madhu. How Vetri solves these murders and rescues Madhu from danger forms the rest of the story.

Thegidi meaning Deception is a well-crafted crime thriller. A good performance by all the actors, especially by Ashok selvan who acts natural throughout. Jannani Iyer does well even though her part is very less in the film. other cast members also perform equally to their task , and The best part is the film does bore you and always keeps you engaged. The director has successfully produced a thriller and all the technical departments have supported the film equally. Would like to see more films on this genre .I give the film 6/10


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