Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal – Movie review

15 Feb


Kathirvelan (Udhaynidhi Stalin) is a loyal devotee of Hanuman from his childhood, who doesn’t fall for women. When he comes to Coimbatore to solve a dispute between his sister and brother in law, he sees Pavithra (Nayanthara) and fall in love on first sight. Incidentally Kathir’s sister eloped a few years earlier, which has brought dishonor to their family, and making his father against love affairs. With his help of his childhood friend Mayilvaganam (Santhanam) he tries to win her. But when Pavithra tells Kathir that she has feelings for Gowtham (Sunder ramu) who is a close friend, he stops seeing Pavithra. But Gowtham does not love Pavithra , but is just waiting to use her for his pleasure. Kathir finds out that Gowtham’s intentions and he tries to warn Pavithra. Pavithra doesn’t takes Kathir’s warning seriously and shuts him off. When Pavithra finds out Gowtham’s true colors, she thanks Kathir and they get closer. How this leads to love and whether Kathir gets his father to consent to marry Pavithra is the whole story.

A small love story being wound up like a mosquito coil makes Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal. Too many unwanted cast members and sub plots within plots make this film boring and uneasy. Santhanam comedy is enjoyable but also becomes very repetitive. Nayanthara does her role but the story has nothing much to offer. Udhaynidhi is getting better in his moves in the song sequences. Music is fine but doesn’t stay long enough cherish. Cinematographer Balu’s work eases this movie experience with his pleasant compositions. This movie has nothing to offer, I would prefer “OK OK” any day for “IKK”. I give this film 3/10


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