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10 Feb

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Pulivaal is a story which involves two people who are in the opposite end of the society. At one end Karthick (Prasanna) a wealthy young business man, a womanizer who has an affair with his Personal Assitant Monika (Oviya) even though he is being engaged. In the other end is Kasi (Vemal) whos lives in a single room housing board flat, working in a local supermarket and who is in love with is co-worker Selvi (Ananya). Karthik has the habit of recording videos which are sexual in nature and one such video is recorded by him when he is with Monika .When Monika finds out that Karthik is getting married to someone else threatens to go public and they get into a fight, when Karthik loses his phone. This phone lands in the hands of Kasi who pockets the phone at the spur of the moment. When Karthick tries desperately to get back the phone, Kasi starts to enjoy the new prominence he is given and takes advantage of this. Whether Karthick retrieves the phone without the video being seen forms the rest of the story.
Plivaal a remake of the Malayalam film Chaappa Kurishi , which has been publicized as a slick thriller, fails miserably with sloppy direction, loose ends in the screenplay and horrible editing. The actors fail with mediocre acting, Prasanna is the only saving grace, Vemal doesn’t match the role. Oviya proves that she cannot act even when there is an opportunity is given to her, whereas Ananya breezes through her role without any complications. Soori is again wasted in this film, and Thambi Ramaiah irritates the audience throughout. I have never seen the audience so frustrated at the end of a film like this one With basic logic and a sloppy narration , Pulivaal ends up being an Yellivaal . I give it 1/10


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