Pannaiyarum Padminiyum – Movie review

10 Feb

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

As the Movie’s title states the film revolves around the Pannaiyar (Jayaprakash) and his Premier Padmini car. When one of his relatives leaves his car with the Pannaiyar until he gets back from his daughter’s village, the Pannaiyar becomes totally devoted and excited over it even though he doesn’t know how to drive the car.  When the car is needed for a medical emergency in the village, in comes Murugesan (Vijay Sethupathy) the only tractor driver in the village and takes charge of the car. From then on Murugesan designated driver to the car and the car becomes a multipurpose vehicle for the whole village and a child to the Pannaiyar and his wife Chellamma (Thulasi). Chellamma is the only one who refuses to get into the car, and insists she will travel only when her husband drives it .So Pannaiyar starts to learn driving and surprise her by taking her out on their wedding anniversary. But the days are nearing to give the car back to its owner and besides that there is the Pannaiyar’s greedy daughter whose agenda is to take away whatever she sets her eye on. Whether the Pannaiyar fulfills his wife’s wish forms the rest of the story.

A greatfilm with a great cast, direction and screenplay forms the film Pannaiyarum Padminiyum. The director has bound the story with ordinary people, their happiness, and their desires in each of their lives. Every viewer can see a shade of their lives in the film .Jayaprakash and Thulasi where great together as a couple. They are the lead actors besides the Premier Padmini .Jayaprakash’s best acting in his whole career. Vijay Sethupathy  and ishwarya rajesh play the second love couple and perform well.  A special Mention to Bala Saravanan whos comes in as Vijay Sethupathy’s Sidekick .  A complete feel good film with only the duration of the film being the only flaw. Great work from the whole team . I give it 7/10


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