Rummy – movie review

03 Feb

rummy B

It’s the year 1987, the years when true love was torn apart in the name of pride. Joseph (Vijay Sethupathy), Sakthi (Iniko Prabhakaran), Arunachalam (Soori) and Meenakshi (Gayathri Shankar) are first year students of a college who come from neighboring villages. It is love at first sight for Sakthi and Meenakshi. When Joseph and Sakthi are expelled from the college hostel, they find a place to live in Meenakshi’s village, where their loves blossoms in spite of knowing that their love won’t be accepted by their elders. Joseph too falls in love with the headman’s daughter. Whether their lives end happily forms the rest of the story.

Rummy starts as a story of friendship and love which ends predictably and boring. It starts with a slow pace and becomes slower by the minute and finally melts away without leaving a trace in your mind. A very mediocre acting by the whole cast. Absolutely zero screenplay, lack of pace in the editing department making the audience sleep. Only Music director Imman’s music keeps you engaged here and there. A movie which has nothing new to offer . I give it 2/10


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