Endrendrum Punnagai – Movie review

21 Dec


Endrendrum Punnagai
When his mother leaves his father (Naseer) and him , young Gautam  is deeply affected and shapes him into a person who hates women and love. He is even mad with his father and stops talking to him.He however finds friendship and is inseparable with his friends Shri(Vinay) and Baby(Santhanam) . They grow up together and own a production studio and live life-like there is no tomorrow. One night after getting drunk they even decide and make a pledge to each other that they wouldn’t get married and live as bachelors forever.Soon things change and Shri and Baby decide to get married and their friendship breaks and Gautham is left alone with Priya (Trisha) an AD Co-ordinator who becomes close to him. Whether Gautham Falls in Love and gets back to his friends forms the rest of the story.
A Film finally without any violence and cheap vulgarness, which also made me sit through out without boredom was Endredrum punnagai. Ahmed the director gives us a feel good film close to perfection. Jeeva has taken a matured character and has done it very well too. Santhanam’s fans will be happy to know that he is back to full form and he just carries the first half of the film in his shoulders.Vinay also has done well in his comeback film. Trisha and Andrea play very subtle characters and do not overdo their roles.Mathi the cinematographer has done an extremely good job, his compositions and frames will be remembered. Only due to some blanks in the screenplay and lagging second half, the film gets lost. Harris has supported only in two songs and is unheard in the rest of the film. A good clean film by the team. i give the film 6/10


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