Dhoom 3 – Movie Review

21 Dec


Dhoom 3
Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) who owns the great Indian Circus In Chicago is in debt and loses everything to the bank, even his last attempts fails and the bank closes the circus.He commits suicide before his son Sahir.Over the years Sahir (aamir khan) plans and takes revenge on the bank by stealing their branches one by one. In comes Jai Dixit ( Abishek) and Ali (udhay Chopra) to help the Chicago police on this case. Meanwhile Sahir revives the Great Indian circus and multitasks as the thief robbing the rest of the banks making it bankrupt. How close does he comes to completing his revenge is the rest of the story.
Its Aamir all the way in Dhoom 3 . His charismatic acting and screen presence blurs everything else in the film. Physically he has taken so much trouble for his character. Katrina kaif is stuns everyone in the two songs but disappears in thin air after that. This films doesn’t require Abishek and udhay Chopra as they just stand and deliver mugged up dialogues, they were just included as this is a dhoom franchise.if you were expecting fast bikes, screeching tires and incredible chase sequences and sexy girls all over , Dhoom 3 gives you bit of everything but doesn’t keeps you in the edge of your seat.A predictable climax and a dragging second half makes the audience disappoint. i give the film 5/10

popcorn meter5 copy

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One response to “Dhoom 3 – Movie Review

  1. TruncaTech

    December 24, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    Spot on review. I was also so incensed that I immediately penned a few furious words about it on my blog as soon as I reached home


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