Kalyana Samayal Saadham – Movie review

08 Dec


Kalyana Samayal Saadham
A Modern day comedy drama of the chaos which happens in all  Arranged marriages forms the story of Kalyana Samayal Saadham . Raghu (Prassana) and Meera (Lekha Washington) are two youngsters paired by their parents through matrimony sites. On their first meeting they like each other and are soon engaged.They become close and fall in love with each other when they find out that Raghu has a problem of erectile dysfunction . what happens next, forms the rest of the story.
Both the director Prassana and actor Prassana should be praised to take on a subject like this and deliver it as a film with humor and sensitivity.The strength of the film is its cast, every character delivered in the film. Lekha and Prassana have performed well in their lead roles.A special applause to Delhi Ganesh who acts as Lekha’s father.  Dialogues too were well written but often reminded me of Crazy Mohan ‘s work , but was surprised when suddenly he too appeared as a character in the film. The film has number of beautiful written scenes but collectively drags to the end.The duration could have been much lesser and repeated scenes of Prassana being tortured by his friends could have been avoided.The music always reminded me of some other films music throughout and was not in sync with the film at all. In the end Kalayana Samyal Sadam in which Kaaikarigalum was Pramaadam. I give it 5/10 .

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