Thagararu – movie review

07 Dec



Four orphans Saravanan (Arulnidhi) , Pazhani, Senthil, Aarumugam are petty thieves who will do anything for money .They live like brothers and do not care for anything in life. Their acts of thievery make them prime targets to the cops and enemies to all. When Saravanan (Arulnidhi) falls in love with Meenakshi (Poorna) daughter of a Local money lender Kanthuvatti Rajendran (Jayaprakash) which puts their lives at stake.

I liked the previous films of Arulnidhi , “Vamsam” and “Mouna guru” which was critically acclaimed and giving him positive marks. His lazy acting and subtle actions were different from others. This film though puts him in a different role all together and he has put a sincere effort for the character. Poorna’s role starts of very casually but ends in a dramatic way which shows that she can take in serious roles when the opportunity is given. The Debutant Director starts interestingly but losses his way in the middle. The so called love between lead actors is not convincing to hold the act together. Arul nidhi has to work more on emotional scenes and his dancing skills. Although there wasn’t a dull moment in the first half, it could have been faster. The second half was very slow and a long climax with an unexpected twist (which didn’t carry till the end) was disappointing. This could have been avoided with some crisp editing and a well-planned screenplay. I give it 4/10


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