Irandam Ulagam – Movie Review

25 Nov


Irandam ulagam
Two love stories in occuring in parallel worlds is the story of irandam ulagam, in our world Ramya (Anushka)
a doctor falls in love with the kind hearted Madhubalakrishna(Arya) a college professor.While in the fantasy world filled with mythical creatures and enchanting forests Maruva(Arya) lazy and useless son of the army general is always behind Varna (Anushka) a high spirited woman who wants to join the king’s army .The story alternates between two worlds showing the love of both their lives.How they end up in their love life and do both the worlds merge ? forms the rest of the story.

Director Selvaraghavan’s films has always had love as the main theme for all his films, this one is no different, but he has taken a step further to show love across two worlds and with a complicated script.
From the first frame there is no chemistry between both the lead actors.their acting was very robotic and cold stiff. Why was the fantasy world shot in a foreign country where everyone is white skin and our two lead Indian actors looking odd among them.Making every foreign actors speak non sync Tamil was the highest point of nonprofessional conduct .The editing could have been better and an easy 25 minutes could have been reduced .The first half was slow and the second half was very sleepy.The audiences became very irritated and disappointed towards the end .Music was unheard through out the film except for the first two songs .The cinematographer had no scope in the film with 60% of the film was in the fantasy world which was just overlapped with artificial colors making it look very cheap and non cinematic. VFX was the worst,don’t know whether it was lack of time or funding for it .Over all a big disappointment from the whole team. i give it 1/10


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