Thor: The Dark World – Movie review

19 Nov


Thor: The Dark World

The movie starts with the narration of Odin (Anthony Hopkins )the king of Asgard a past incident of how the a race of dark elves led by Malekith (Christoper Eccleston) to destroy the worlds across the nine realms when they converge (once every 5000 years) with their deadly weapon Aether . They were however defeated by the army of Asgard led by Bor (grandfather of Thor) and the weapon buried deep within the universe. Fast forward to present were Thor (Hemsworth) is fighting wars to keep peace in the nine realms and on Earth Jane (Natalie Portman) unearths the Aether, the ultimate weapon of the dark elves, which inhabits her. This awakens the head of the evil elves, Malekith who wants to use the Aether to destroy Asgard.Thor must save Jane Foster and fight Malekith which forces him to sacrifice everything.

This movie was far better than the first; it had all the elements of a complete action drama. The real emotional center of the Thor 2 is this sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki. As a story Thor has so much potential but fails to engage the audience for the stipulated time. The prolonged battle sequences and a failed chemistry between Thor and Jane were boring .The visual Effects were satisfying but not great. As a 3d movie it did not deliver as well. Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) was sole character which stood out in the whole film. But An interesting twist in the end makes you eager for the next film. I give it 5/10

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