Pizza 2 – Villa

18 Nov


Pizza 2 : Villa

The story of Villa revolves around a young writer, Jebin (Ashok Selvan), who has inherited a villa in Puducherry after his father Nasser’s death. After losing all his fortune over the loss of his family business he goes there to sell the villa and return his debt. His Girlfriend Aarthi (Sanchitha Shetty ) a young painter supports him and asks him to continue writing in the new place which would change is mood and would also give privacy for his second book. The Villa is filled with paintings done by his father, one of them leads him to secret locked room which is filled with painting which shows that his father had precognition skills which actually predicts the future of Jebin life in a sequence,  As the predictions comes true one after the other he becomes furious and tries to sell the villa. What happens next forms the rest of the story

Ashok Selvan has done a decent job as the lead actor and shows that he can perform in serious roles, and Sanchitha Shetty has done a fairly good job too. The Director has developed a good suspense story but failed to bring it as a full feature film. The content was only enough for a short film, the first half was very dragging and slow. The climax was predictable and very dry. Un-necessary scientific and paranormal explanations where too many in the film for which they could have spent more time in logic and developing a good screenplay. It was a very good try by the director and the team, hope we could get more movies in this genre. I give it 4/10


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