All in All Azaghu Raja – Movie review

05 Nov

all in all

All in All Azhagu Raja is about Raja (Karthi) who owns a local cable channel, which has only two employees, he and his assistant Kalyanam (Santhanam) .Although his parents Prabhu and Saranya )want him to marry and settle down, his only motive is to bring his local channel as the NO:1 channel among all TV Channels. This sidetracks as he falls in love with ChitraDeviPriya (Kajal Agarwal) and the rest is the film.

This film has material meant only for the comedy channels; there is no screenplay and a story to follow. Rajesh the director simply has stuck to preparing comedy track in the film and has forgotten everything else. It’s just filled with the overdose of Santhanam’s comedy track .Karthi shown as junior Prabhu and Santhanam’s makeover efforts as the legendary Suruli rajan in the flashback sequence and as a female model Karina Chopra made me sick and uncomfortable. Kajal Agarwal has been given more screen time in the film, just to be disgraced publicly – her efforts to learn dance under the tutoring of M.S.Bhaskar makes me feel sorry for her .With more than a hand full of unwanted scenes the film could have been reduced to just 2hrs .I give the film 2/10


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