Aarambam – Movie review

05 Nov



A long awaited release of Ajit’s Aarambam released this Diwali with a bang .Theaters were jam packed with Ajit’s fans with extra shows being scheduled round the clock. The story starts off with serial bomb blasts in Mumbai being executed by Ashok (Ajit), He then kidnaps Arjun (Arya) a computer genius and a Hacker to help him to bring down the people he has targeted. Why is Ajit on a demolishing spree and who is he targeting forms the rest of the story?

Right from the beginning it Ajit’s screen presence mesmerizes his fans and the audience. His action sequences and his subtle gestures make the crowd go wild. Arya plays his role to the part given with his usual energetic and bubbly character. Nayanthara plays second in command to Ajit in the film and sticks to her role faithfully. Action sequences were planned perfectly and edited to the best for the film. But unfortunately the combination of Ajit and Vishnuvaradhan doesn’t create magic this time, a simple story of revenge has been overcooked by too many twists and way too many characters. Arya and Tapsee characters could have been played by anyone they were wasted in their roles.Yuvan’s BGM consist only of the terminator’s theme music and is played non-stop in the film. The songs doesn’t stay in your mind and just fill reel time in the film. Only the stylish making of the film and Ajit’s charismatic acting stays behind in the end. But you can never “make it simple” with Vishnu and Ajit’s combination , which makes the movie Aarambam. I give it 5/10

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