Sutta Kadhai – Movie review

28 Oct


SuttaKadhai  – the movie happens in an imaginative hill station called Koramalai where  two rookie constables  Ramky (Balaji) a kleptomaniac and Sangli (Venkatesh) with a hearing impairment join duty in the local police force headed by inspector Thirumeni (Nasser ) . They both fall in love with the tribal chief‘s daughter Silanthi (Lakshmi Priyaa) a daring girl who fights local thugs and hunts down killers. When the Tribal chief is shot and killed things get out of hand and the rest forms the story of the Film.

It’s a good attempt from the director to bring in a slapstick comedy and a feel of nostalgia which reminded me of Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha from my childhood days. The characters were built strongly with in-depth features distinguishing them psychological and matching them physically.  But sadly very little detailing was given to the story itself. The story lacked strength to hold all these characters. The director had just a handful of scenes prepared and the rest was just unscripted .Long and unnecessary shots makes you uncomfortable even in this 2 hour film .Very poor editing and barely any music to support the story. A better screenplay would have helped the Movie standout .I give it 2/10


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