Naiyandi – movie review

13 Oct


Naiyandi created much curiosity and publicity before its release when allegations were made by the actress Nazariya towards the Director Sarkunam, But that just proved a to be publicity stunt which ended without making a sound.Well coming to the story , it starts with Chinna Vandu (Dhanush) trying to win Vana Roja’s (Nazariya) love who has come to thier native village for the temple carnival with the help of his friends. After a few initial hiccups they finally fall in love. But fate makes them to elope and marry on the run when Nazariya is engaged to someone without a warning.Both land up at Dhanush’s house , without reveling they are married together.
This film dosen’t deserve to rated or commented , its the most pathetic display of filmmaking in all lines. i could not beleive that its been done by the same director of Vaagai Sooda Vaa , whihc was a good one. Dhanush and Nazariya are better actors , who could have chosen better films. The worst editing and the songs where very disturbing. Velraj’s cinematography was good but dosen’t stand out as there is no scope for any dept to excel in this film. This film is not worth to be even made as pirated DVDs. A waste of 2hr and 30 minutes . A big 0/10 .

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